Thursday, April 16, 2009

Those Easter moments

Every year, earlier and earlier it seems, those dastardly chocolate eggs with thick cream filling lurk on every store counter right by the till, with false promises that they will be gone by Easter. Which frankly almost constitutes grounds for sueing in my book because you eat one, and then another, and then just one more, and one more... you know, before they're gone. And Easter comes and goes and there are still some left to buy... so you eat some more, well okay, just one more... but I digress...

What my story is really about is how during my first year on Gabriola I had gone into our Coop and had just enough money for gas and a movie with very little spare change left over. I counted my pennies (literally) but did not have enough for one of the said eggs. The young girl who was working there at the time took out her wallet, and put down the money for the chocolate egg. "Pay me back next time you're in - you just can't not have one!" she said. I couldn't believe it - it totally made my day.

It was a few days before I got back in to see her. I paid her back the money she'd lent me, thanked her again, and bought another two eggs. I promptly gave her one of them. After all, she knew how good they were!

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