Thursday, April 2, 2009

Wishes for the Women of Gabriola

International Women’s Day was recently celebrated at People for Healthy Community. A huge sheet of paper was on display for everyone to write down their wishes for the women of Gabriola, a lot of the wishes were for all Gabriolans: Life dreams that come true ~ Mutual Nurturing ~ Financial Equality and security ~ Freedom from oppression ~ Bouquets of Kisses ~ Peace and Safety for All ~ Bread and Roses ~ More sex or even some sex ~ Happy I.W.D.! ~ Good food (Yum) and good company ~ Friendship and support ~ A safe meeting place ~ Strong life force, deep and green as grass – and as widespread ~ To think for yourselves, to say injustices, to act on injustices, to reclaim feminism ~ People who bring us flowers just because… ~ Lots of Laughter ~ Pay equality for all and for the federal and provincial governments to restore rights taken away from both women and the population at large ~ Energy & Health ~ Be strong and compassionate… ~ More Fun !!!
What's your wishes for Gabriolans?

Please leave your wishes with us in the comments... if you wish!

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