Sunday, March 29, 2009

Growing up on Gabriola

I grew up on the Island and am extremely thankful I did. It is a special place where everyone seems to fit in and the sense of community has always been very strong. Like the Deer at the end of Harrison Way that are often seen basking in the sun with the rabbits and the peacocks, the people of this island are just as odd of a mix. Attend any local pub or potluck and you will find characters of all sorts. Old timer's, hippies, redneck's, crazies, yuppies, parents, teenagers, children, grandparent's, travellers, foreigners and many more and for the most part we all get along! It is so nice to feel excepted and encouraged by your community.

It is a great place to grow up because of the colourful people and equally because of the beautiful natural surroundings, to feel at home in the forest and at peace near the ocean is truly magical. I am sad that so many trees have disappeared since I was little and that the petroglyphs and galleries are rapidly eroding. Things have changed tremendously in the past decade but if we reflect on all that we cherish about Gabriola maybe not all will be lost.

These are some of the good things: kayaking the flat top islands, Sunday soccer games, lunch at Harvest Thyme, Farmer's markets, SUMMER TIME, swimming at Sandwell, jumping off the galleries, beach fires, swimming in phosphorescence, great potlucks, surf sunsets, mudgefest, blackberry picking, art shows, the cliffs of Valdez...

Childhood memories include: Community Potluck's at twin beaches, meteor shower sleepovers at Ike's orchard, finding arrowheads on the beaches and peering in old Indian burial caves, walking out to the sandbar at Twin at low tide to dig for treasure, playing in the forest that used to exist behind the school, trails, tug boat island, Mr. Moo the milkman, Gabriola days Dances, First night at the Community Hall, jellyfish fights, playing at the fire hall, sand castle competitions, Birthday parties at Pizza, swimming lessons at camp Miriam, The pool at Silva Bay. When they first made the mall I was in Grade 5 and for some reason our class went down there to pick up all the nails left behind.
That's all for now,
From Hayden


  1. Shena..........sounds like a pretty magical place to grow up in!

    I live in White where near as Pristine as Gabriola!

    Love, Violette

  2. Although I didn't grow up here, there are some amazing young people who are a vibrant part of our community that did. Hayden is one of them!