Saturday, March 7, 2009

Remember who we are

Hi Everyone!

A few weeks ago I wrote a letter in response to an individual who was trashing the good people of our community. I wrote that particular piece with the hope that he and others would reconsider their negative attitudes about people and our community and decide, rather, to become part of the healthy solution instead of being part of a bitter problem. I did not expect them to start spreading suspicion and dissention via the media into our community.

Our island is wonderful collection of individuals, groups and organizations who came to live here with a sincere hope and wish to grow in a peaceful, healthy community. This is the reason that I moved to Gabriola. Some dark energies have come here at different times to invoke confusing and difficult experiences for Gabriolans.

But always have the people of our community stood up and held fast to the goodness and richness of our home. I salute our community’s courage for its sense of moral conviction and common decency.

I beseech the writers of such negative letters in our local papers to please put down your pens of abysmal blackness and instead pick up your illuminating pens of encouragement and support. In this way, your spirits can come back to our community’s positive way of life. Gabriola has a wonderful healing energy that one exalts in. Let us all enjoy this and each other. Thank you for being.

Tony Gibson

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