Saturday, March 14, 2009

Feed the Birds

With the recent snow the birds are still needing lots of food. Here are some recipes that are fun to do:

To make bagel treats
Cut bagels in half. Spread cut side with peanut butter. Sprinkle with birdseed. To make hanger, thread short lengths of yarn through centre hole in bagel and knot ends. The birds will be able to recycle the yarn in their nests in the spring.

To make apple treats
Cut short length and fold in half. Wrap loose end of wire around apple stem, leaving a loop for hanging. Secure wire to tree so it cannot be removed by the birds.

To make cereal garland
Cut long length of dental floss and thread needle. String dry cereal onto floss. Group garlands together hanging on a tree. Remove dental floss as soon as cereal has been eaten.

To make stale bread treats
Spread peanut butter on hard stale bread and cover with birdseed. Leave out where the birds can peck at them.

We get our natural peanut butter from the bulkbins in the larger stores. Do you have any favorite birdfeed recipes? Please share them with others here.
Any other favorites?

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