Friday, March 20, 2009

In the spirit of the pioneers…

The old dilapidated cabin next door, although back-broken and feeling very sorry for itself, still cried for rebirth.
I contacted the owner of the cabin and asked if I could dismantle it and use its lumber. He mulled it over for a bit, being one of the old timers of the island, so I assured him that it would be used for a garden shed for a long time resident. So he said “OK!” and the relocating began…
I walked around the poor old cabin a few times, sizing up its construction and the easiest and safest way I could dismantle him while saving the most lumber.

The old bones laying in rest waiting for reshaping.

The old bent and rusty nails, that were the sinew and tendons of the old cabin, were loosened and set aside to be used once more.
The old country doctor at work!
The old bent nails were enough to keep the old cabin together once, and, with a steady hand, and a bit of luck, they would be ready to do so again.
Early stages of labour…

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  1. Beautiful to see the renewal of old to new. Like ourselves - recreate the old self to a new improved version.